Create products that people love.

To create signature software experiences, we envision, design, and prototype across multiple devices and platforms including web, mobile, and embedded systems.

Customers expect nothing less than great products — regardless of technology, platform, or context. Businesses need to ensure they can create and sustain products that deliver on larger strategic objectives.

Yibo designs and engineers for the real world to ensure our clients’ products create an emotional connection from first use and deliver on their strategic intent.


Conduct product positioning and set up projects based on in-depth analyses of the market, user demand and competitive products;


Plan the overall structure and functional modules of the product, draw the outline of a complete product concept and prototype through words, diagrams and mind maps;


Draw product prototype, structure and process, and carry out PRD review based on demand analysis and product concept;


Confirm the ways of interacting and make the high-fidelity model;


Scenario-based and usability test with multi-platform consistency;

Visual Design

Design user interface and make UI standards such as layout, color matching ICON etc.

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