WEIPOS ``Kaidian Bao`` is the first money-making intelligent cash register introduced by Jiangsu Ruibo data technology Co., Ltd.

WEIPOS “Kaidian Bao” focuses on the marketing of single stores and small and micro chains. In the Internet era, WEIPOS sticks to the practice of “smart retail”, takes smart cash register as the starting point, breaks the traditional barriers, makes all stores realize the Internet plus, and enables all small shopkeepers to have their own data center, plans the all-channel layout of physical stores, and opens the intelligent age of merchants.

WEIPOS “Kaidian Bao” is the first money-making intelligent cash register introduced by Jiangsu Ruibo data technology Co., Ltd. As the first service mode based on “cloud technology +SAAS” in China, WEIPOS jiebao fully integrates big data, mobile Internet, O2O and online payment. Faced with the needs of “smart retail” era, WEIPOS “Kaidian Bao” intelligent cash register redefines the way of cashier, comprehensively connects people with stores, and reshaps the physical retail value. Based on the actual needs of stores, WEIPOS embedded a variety of Internet applications into POS hardware, aiming to provide O2O cashier schemes for single stores, small chain stores and pan-franchised brand chains. Compared with the traditional cashier system, Weipos jiancaibao carries out in-depth functions in basic cashier, online payment, member marketing, O2O, mobile management store and report inquiry, helping small and micro stores to improve their sales performance.

Client: Ruibo

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016

After repeated communication with WEIPOS team and previous research on WEIPOS target users, we redesigned the UI interface and official website for WEIPOS, and standardized the style of WEIPOS products.


Repainted all ICONS, accurate to pixel level, making the overall style more uniform


New UI design is adopted to make the interface more user-friendly and form a unified style with ICON


According to the user’s usage scenario, a new interactive design is adopted to improve the ease of use of the productI

Official Website

Redesign the official website to keep the overall style in line with the product


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